Support Bulletin: 5260 Rev: A

Abstract: This document explains using CardSoft’s CONFIG utility to manually allocate I/O and Interrupt with network adapters. The CardSoft v2.10 utility CONFIG and associated file CARDID.INI do not operate with network adapters.

Main Information:

CardSoft’s function (card services) is to manage and allocate resources (interrupt, I/O address) to PCMCIA adapters. In most cases, when a PCMCIA adapter is enabled using card services, the card service will automatically allocate the resources so that there’s no conflict between multiple devices.

In the event that automatic allocation of resources doesn’t work properly, CardSoft provides a utility, CONFIG, to manually force the values for each device. From inside the CONFIG program, the EDIT CONFIGURATION menu will give you the following options: MODEM, NETWORK CARD, ATA CARD.
Selecting one of these will bring up a menu where you are allowed to change detected values to whatever you want.

When you save and exit, it writes the new values to the configuration file CARDID.INI. Card services will then use this file when loading upon boot-up. HOWEVER, SYSTEMSOFT SAYS THAT CARDID.INI DOES NOT FUNCTION WITH NETWORK ADAPTERS. There is no explanation as to why there’s a NETWORK CARD option that is non-functional.

In the event that card services is allocating the same resource to the modem and network card, use the CONFIG utility to modify the modem card’s resources instead of the network card’s resources.