Windows 95 Shutdown Problems

Support Bulletin: 7040

This document contains suggestions for fixing Windows 95 shutdown problems.

If you are using RCPTRNDS.SYS or RTR16NDS.SYS

The Problem...

If you are using RCPTRNDS.SYS or RTR16NDS.SYS older than version 4.35 and a newer version of Microsoft's NDIS.VXD than what was originally shipped with the original release of Windows 95, your Windows 95 machine will hang upon shutdown. The machine will stop responding (hang) at the "Please wait while your computer shuts down" screen, but your workstation should deinsert from the ring.

This "newer" version of NDIS.VXD is included with Microsoft's Dial-Up Networking Accelerator Pack version 1.1 with ISDN support and is also included with Microsoft's OSR2 or "B" release of Windows 95.

How to Fix It...

  1. Upgrade your RCP or RTR (depending upon your Token-Ring adapter) to version 4.35 or newer. You can obtain complete current driver diskettes from

  2. Once you have downloaded and unzipped the driver diskette, you can simply copy the newer file from the \Win95 subdirectory over the one you are using in your \Windows\System directory on your hard drive.

  3. Reboot your machine (it will hang this time) and then try a shutdown again. If your machine did not shutdown doublecheck the date on the file you copied and make sure it is the newer one. If you are still having problems, you most likely are seeing another unrelated shutdown issue. See the General Shutdown Troubleshooting document below.

General Shutdown Troubleshooting

Microsoft has a Knowledge Base Article on troubleshooting shutdown problems. You can search for information at:;en-us;KBHOWTO