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Racore was founded in 1983 and reorganized as Racore Technology Corporation in 1997. As a pioneer in the LAN arena in the 1980s, Racore helped define Token-Ring as a member of the IEEE 802.5/802.2 committees. The company was one of the first to deliver Token Ring adapters conforming to this new standard, while offering significantly better performance and more economical prices than IBM or other suppliers of compatible products. Today, Racore Technology designs, develops, and manufactures high performance Local Area Network products with emphasis on Fiber Optics, Token-Ring and 10/100 Ethernet technologies. Over the years, Racore has developed extensive technology to provide high performance copper and fiber connectivity solutions linking LAN backbones to the desktop.

Today's corporations seek standards based solutions to effectively leverage technology to achieve their business goals.  Standards provide the blueprints for future growth and freedom from obsolescence, while minimizing risk. Racore products follow established IEEE 802 LAN standards to provide absolute interoperability in corporate networks.

Racore LAN products are reliable, affordable, high performance standards-based solutions that operate in a wide variety of networking environments.



Racore's products serve major industrial, financial, and telecommunications companies, worldwide.

Racore has established key business alliances with major multinational companies in the computing and data communications industries for which Racore produces private label, custom designed networking products and technologies on an OEM basis.

Racore also provides engineering and consulting services for customers of CirTran, our parent corporation.

Racore maintains the highest standards of quality. The standard lifetime warranty is a statement of the company's achieved levels of reliability.

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